What type of traveler are you? Find out now!

When planning a trip is essential that you figure out which profile fits your personality.

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From the solitary to the adventurous, with on a tight budget or fancy mode, in which profile do you fit?

About to make the decision to travel there is still one very important thing we need to know before start planning the itinerary of our dreams. Find out what is our traveler profile. Yes, as our personalities are different we also travel differently. And the funny thing is that many of the possible profiles are well known within the tourism world, only people do not pay as much attention to it.

When planning your trip it is essential that you set what profiles are more suitable to your personality, and only then you can begin to plan your itinerary. Doing this we avoid disillusions and disappointments once we get there and also provides more authenticity and fun to our trip.

Let’s point out here the Top 9 most popular traveler profiles. And you there, across the small screen, try to find out which one identifies yourself. Deal? So come on!

1 – The Collector

Traveling, to this guy here, is more than a hobby. It is built by its travelings. And from each one he/she will bring a little something, readapt, and evolve personally. Could be learning Yoga in India and so keep doing it every day on the apartment in Sao Paulo, or being able to cook Italian pasta just like in Naples. It’s just not possible to sit next to him and don’t listen to anything he did or learned somewhere. When traveling the Collector always tries to mix with the locals and feel like is a real new world citizen. The greatest desire here is to be able to go to all the countries of the planet. This traveler respects any culture, language, religion or ethnicity. The Collector wants do staying traveling as much as possible, all the savings are for it and is always giving a short break here or there to somewhere new.

2 – The Cliché

The status is what motivates this profile here. Is not that does nor wants to not travel to exotic and different places, its just that alternatives places don’t get s much “likes”, you know. Its motivation comes from the popularity. Always choose the destinations thinking in the metropolitan capitals. Typical Paris-Rome-Amsterdam-Berlin type of traveler. Urban tourism is what attracts him/her for real true. If its possible to mix the concrete jungle with the crazy shopping discounts of Miami you got him. Traveling is not necessarily what brings pleasure, but the public recognition for their exploits overseas acquisitions tho…

Is the best person to find an outlet with incredible prices and the best selfies shooter of all times.

3 – The Backpacker

Make no mistake, it’s not because he carries a backpack of 75 liters that it can be considered a true backpacker. To be backpacker you need a lot of willpower, patience, no frills and devote a lot of time in planning. They can make 20 countries in 20 days, sleep in the airport is not a problem, and the local cuisine interests only if is extremely affordable. Any noodles from the groceries store right in that corner is fine. The goal here is to get the largest number of places, with the least amount of money. The Backpacker doesn’t care about social standards and is generally an extroverted person. Allways ready to make new friends that can provide some options of saving cash. If the new friend can give him accommodation for free on a rainy day is great! Yes, because if the sun is out the camping tent is there, in the backpack.

4 – The Lonely Wolf

No one really knows it’s motives or intentions. The lonely wolf is the type of traveler that decided traveling out of nowhere, alone and with not too much luggage. Sometimes decides to stay more, and out of nothing could decide to come home. Very independent. Doesn’t like to be controlled by anyone, make the decisions alone and bears the consequences him/herself. The wolf balances the budget according to priorities, does not eat at a restaurant every day, but separates the money to enjoy that interesting menu of worthwhile. Do not allow too much for 5 stars accommodation, since it is a place of his own and without any questions. Travels for the beauty of knowing a new place, get out of the routine, to relax. It comes back home sometimes with no souvenir, no pictures, only the memories of a particular adventure.

5 – Romantic

Do not think that romance exists only for couples. You can be the romantic type of traveler and be more stuck in singlehood than a whale on the beach. This traveler reaches the idea of ​​romanticism. Visit Museums, beautiful scenery, drinks that wine sitting on the marina deck in Marseille suits him. The choices are part of an ideal environment more beautiful, lighter and more social. He believes in the story behind the architecture and cuisine. It appreciates arts, street music, or Da Vinci in the Louvres wall. Usually, knows how to play an instrument and brings it with on travels. Enjoys taking pictures of places but he’s not always in the photos. The romantic traveler might also register his wanderings of traveling on a notebook. Maybe a Diary…that is also a romantic style.

6 – The wasteful

This is our King traveler! If is not to enjoy the trip “Premium mode” its better stay home. Here’s 5 stars hotel, boat ride, the French menu and strawberries with Moet Chandon on ice. It is always looking for very expensive and super exclusive events, programs and destinations. A standard mode is not part of his deal. If it’s not open bar do not even bother inviting. But who thinks that just rich people is this from this profile, you are wrong. Many people saved for months, years, to burn all in one month “shining like a diamond”! The feeling of power is what motivates these travelers here. They can be who they want across the world, including an Arab sheik if he pleases.

7 – The Adventurer

The pioneer of our ranking. There is no mountain that he does not want to climb or track he doesn’t want to do. Wake up very early in the cold to go to Rafting? Of course! From surfing to snowboarding this guy is able to apply on anything. Sports passionate, athletic and always full of energy this traveler don’t stay quiet. Fearless and brave, what we see as a challenge he sees as a goal. Extremely competitive he loves traveling in groups, just to have someone to be compared with. Every now and then plans to make a bike trip through the Americas, or do a safari in Africa. Nature lover and enjoys top views. He collects photos of his adventures from the highest peaks of the places he visited.

8 – Namaste

OMMMMM … We will now go into a very zen astral plane. This profile matches those calm travelers and unhurried people. Usually vegan or vegetarian they like to make spiritual connections with people, places, and experiences. His role when traveling is to grow and contribute to the spiritual growth of those who are around. Always very social and smiling, they never let worldly problems hold them when it comes to travel. They are always in search of a more sustainable way of life and are extremely friendly and generous. Namaste!

9 – Politically correct

This one is the methodical guy/girl. Everything needs to be organized in every detail, if not he will not go. Go on an adventure unplanned can give it some chills. Unforeseen haunt his nightmares and stress are very known from past experiences. He says he travels to relax, but can not relax 100% even when asleep. It’s anxious often and make numerous questions about everything. If something is not available on the official website, safe and checked 3 times it means that something can go wrong. If it goes wrong he needs to find someone to blame for it because mistakes are NEVER his fault. It’s not that is a negative traveler, no, it’s just the one who is too concern about everything to be perfect that makes him a little neurotic. But they are well organized and very reliable people.



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