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6 ultimate tips for an amazing trip itinerary

Find out how to create the ideal itinerary for an unforgettable trip!

There is nothing better than exploring another city, another state, another country. When it comes to traveling, especially when we go to a totally new place, the first thing we need to do is set up our trip itinerary. The script is the key to every successful trip. Then tighten your seatbelt because here you will find the top 6 tips to nail it and spend less money!

1 – The Profile

Do you know what kind of trip and traveler are we talking about? The first thing we need to figure out is your traveler profile. Figure out what you love to do, how much you want to spend, if you are a solo traveler or not,  or which is the intention of your trip. From there we will choose the places and attractions that you might enjoy better. Have you found your profile? We have an article about it that can help you too right here. Got it? So now let’s go!

2 – Planning

Ok, now that you already know which is the travel style its time to plan your itinerary. You can pick up a pen and paper to write down all the things you thought about doing on your trip. This is the time to organize your ideas. Start listing the places that you want to know. If its an international trip start with the country (or countries) and create a list. Write the names of the cities that you would like to visit. Then search for each one of them and its attractions and features. It is also good to pick at least 2 or 3 things you would like to see or do for each destination. Search the transport tickets in advance, this way you will save!

3 – Time is money

It’s time to set how much we will spend, on time and in cash. At this stage, we find out what can be done on our trip and what we should spare for another opportunity. Here you can define how much to spend to make this trip possible. Choose the season and how many days you have to visit all the places you already listed. Open the Google Maps, plot the best route for the established destinations and the best way to travel. Search for alternative transport options, traveling by bus or by train is usually cheaper. Staying in a hostel rather than in a Hotel also makes a big difference in the budget. And if you want to spend even less seek other accommodation options such as Couchsurfing community.

Try to organize your trip according to the size of each city and save at least two days to spend on bigger cities. Separate also how much you will spend daily, such as with food and transportation, at this point you can cut here and there the possible excesses. If you watch out for the most expensive destinations and balance your itinerary, you will travel more with less.

4 – Cambio and immigration

It’s time to see what you need, legally and for the Cambio to “take off”. Search on the currency features and what kind of documentation is required to enter and circulate in that destination. If its an international trip you have to search for the info on the embassy site about visas and passport. Some countries also require health insurance, a prof for a particular amount of money or return ticket to the country of origin to allow entrance. Stay tuned!

About currency conversion search for values ​​and find out which exchange office or bank offers the best deal.

5 – Packing

Now you can start thinking about what will you pack. Besides our trip itinerary, of course. Remember that your bag needs to reflect what you have planned up there. Set your clothes and accessories thinking about those places, their climate, and those activities that you will do. And do not forget to leave a little space for what you will bring back as a souvenir! Otherwise, you might have to buy a new suitcase.

The Gold Tip

After putting together a travel itinerary using our tips go after items that can help you on this journey. A portable mobile phone charger, for example, can save your in a long day, and an offline map App is also a good move if your internet connection fails. Imagine possible setbacks in advance and get ready to not get in trouble.

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